There is a ton of information to be found online regarding selling a home. Billboards along the highway guarantee an offer while discount brokers promise to keep costs down. Keep in mind that anyone can guarantee an offer, but no one can promise a homeowner they will get the offer they want. Discount brokers have to cut corners, and that usually means their listings are not extensively marketed and there is little to no assistance from the broker once a home is listed. The seller is wise to consider the ramifications of choosing a Realtor based on price or advertising before selecting an agent.

At Central NC Realty our motto is "Clients First", and we prove it everyday by providing the best experience possible for our clients. If you are considering selling your home, here are the usual steps in the process as well as details that should prove helpful:

Contacting an Agent : Once you have contacted our team we will gather the pertinent information such as the property address, updates or repairs, and anything else you would like for us to know. After the call one of our agents will create a Comparative Market Analysis on the property using sales data from the surrounding area along with data from the county tax site.

The Listing Appointment : You and an agent will schedule an appointment at the property you are considering selling during the initial connection. When the agent arrives they will tour the property and make notes of their observations. Many things are taken into consideration during the initial tour since there are different types of buyers who will be looking at your home. For instance, buyers financing with a VA loan will require a VA appraiser to come out whereas a cash buyer does not require an appraisal at all. After the tour the agent will conduct a listing presentation where they will present the services that they offer as well as the results of the property's valuation. At Central NC Realty we put the seller first, and that means that you will tell us what you want to pay for our services. We offer different packages depending on what you want out of your Listing Agent.

Preparation : Often is is necessary to complete some small tasks in order to prepare the home for market. These can include a pressure wash to make the home sparkle, trimming shrubs, sprucing up the lawn, and other things that will make the property stand out.

If you choose us we will schedule a cleaning service to come in and deep clean the home because we want it to shine for the photographer. The professional photographer will usually be scheduled for the morning following the cleaning service to ensure the best possible photos. Once the photos are returned your agent will upload them into the MLSs and, on the date agreed upon by you and your agent, will activate the listing for your property

Showings : Showings can be a headache while we wait for your home to sell, so it is important to let your agent know up front what times and dates you do not want the property made available for showing.

Offers : When offers come in your agent should present them as they are received. Our agents will review the offers and explain any benefits or risks associated with each offer. Once you receive the offer that you are happy with both the buyers and you will sign the Offer to Purchase Contract (OTP) and our agents will coordinate delivery of any due diligence money you are owed.

Communication : Leading up to the settlement date our agents will maintain contact with the buyer(s)' agent, their lender and the home inspector. Remember, your satisfaction is our primary focus and we want to ensure you are informed, educated, and pleased with the level of service you receive.

Closing : There are different options available to sellers at closing; you may choose to sign remotely using your own notary and mail the documents to the attorney or you may decide to attend the closing and sign in-person. Once the attorney has recorded the deed at the county courthouse your money will be made available to you and the keys to the property will be given to the new owners

At Central NC Realty we place our clients first, it is literally our motto! The reason our clients are so happy and satisfied is because of the attention we place on them and their experience. If you have questions about the selling process, contact us and we will be happy to review your options.