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It is important to choose an agent whose goal is to make the client happy. It’s easy to spot an agent whose focus is on a payday by canned responses like “right now’s the time to sell” instead of providing a detailed answer explaining market trends and economic factors. While Spring and early Summer is the ideal time to sell a home, a good agent knows how to sell year-round. By taking advantage of experience and avoiding the lulls that occur around certain holidays and periods in the year an experienced agent will have no trouble listing a home any time of the year.

The answer is always Yes! Think of the times you looked at homes. Did odors, stains, or weeds affect your impression of the home? It still had the same number of rooms and amenities as advertised, but preparing a home to sell is no different than a car lot polishing vehicles before putting them on the lot. When you go shopping, do you move a bent box or gouged container to the side so you can grab the “good” packaged product? Remember, we aren’t just trying to sell a home, we are trying to get people excited when they pull up. Cleaning, decluttering, and making necessary repairs can mean the difference in thousands of dollars at Closing. I will take care of the maid service and professional photographer but we will still need to have an honest discussion about preparing to list a home.

They are only as accurate as the data they are fed. These websites pull data from the tax department and your local MLS to calculate value, factor in past sales, and make a prediction. That’s all these estimates are, a guess. Upgrades, updates, repairs, neglect, pristine lawns, and a 25 year old roof are examples of the many things that go into establishing a property’s value. Things may have changed since that home was built, amenities may have sprung up nearby, the neighborhood may have been neglected, and a good agent understand the importance of including these factors into a property valuation.

It is important for people considering selling to know that commission splits really do matter when selling a home. Sure, a discount broker can sell your home for a slightly lower commission but there are consequences. The buyers’ agents spend their time looking for homes for their buyers. If you and your agent are offering less than other listings then fewer agents may be interested in bringing their buyers to your home. Buyer’s agents work very hard and they deserve to be paid for their services. Fewer agents trying to sell a home with a lower commission can mean the seller makes LESS money than if many agents are trying their best to sell the same home to their buyers.

During our initial Listing Presentation I will discuss in detail my action plan for your property. Some agents do little more than list a property in the multiple listing service (MLS). I offer a broad range of services for my clients and will be happy to provide you with my comprehensive real estate marketing plan when we meet.

As a rule you and I should be absent when buyers and their agents arrive to tour the property. I can set up the showing schedule with any preferences you provide to account for work hours and pets, but it is always best to allow buyers and their agents privacy during their showing time. You and I also can discuss holding an Open House when we list your home.

The ideal outcome for sellers is one that includes multiple offers. Depending on the market and housing supply, there could be a bidding war for your home. I am a designated Real Estate Negotiations Expert (RENE) recognized by the National Association of Realtors and I am experienced in multiple offers. There are many factors to consider in an offer, and we will discuss offer strategies and ideal offers prior to listing your home.

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