As you consider investing hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home, it only makes sense to have a dedicated agent who solely represents you and your interests.

Due to local housing inventory (supply), we are able to focus on our clients' needs (demand). While an Agency Agreement is not required in order for agents on our team to schedule home tours, having an Agency Agreement allows our team to prioritize searches for clients above requests from consumers who are simply browsing the market. Shopping for homes consumes significant time and research, and a signed Agency Agreement allows us to properly prioritize our resources with a focus on you.

Although we will usually meet for the first time at your home tour, it is important that we schedule a buyer consult so that our team can create search parameters tailored to you and your next home. Important factors may include:


What is an ideal setting? Do you want to be closer to town or are you looking for rural living? Is there a city or amenity that you prefer to be near (airport, sports arena, hospital, etc.)?

Deal Breakers:

We want to know the things that are a hard "NO" for you. Trailer parks beside your driveway, minimum SqFt, dead end streets, nearby school traffic in the afternoon, older homes; Think about homes you may have lived in or viewed in the past and consider aspects that you could have lived without.

Must Haves:

What are things that you and/or your family will not live without? Number of bathrooms, size of the lawn, kitchen styles, and nearby amenities are examples.

The more defined our search parameters are the more likely we are to zero in on exactly what you are searching for. Keep in mind that unicorns - those perfect homes priced low and needing little or no updates or repairs - are rare. We must all be realistic in our search. Keep in mind that many buyers are searching for the perfect home and the most ideal properties require more aggressive offer strategies.

What to expect when we find your perfect home:

First we will discuss an offer strategy. We will review due diligence money, market trends, the list price, comparable properties, and your method of purchase (Cash, Conventional Loan, VA, etc.)

Your agent will submit an offer package to the List Agent who will present the offer to the sellers. They will either accept our offer, reject our offer, or make a counteroffer wishing to change some terms of the original offer.

Once our offer is accepted we will schedule a home inspection and any other inspections that you direct (pest inspection, septic, well water sample, HVAC, etc.)

If you are purchasing the home with a loan, we will maintain constant contact with the lender to help avoid delays in closing.

As we approach the closing date - the morning you will sign paperwork finalizing the purchase- the lender will provide a preliminary settlement statement. We will review it for errors and we will know the exact amount we need to bring to closing or have wired to the attorney

On Closing Day we will meet with the attorney or notary to review and sign paperwork. This will take about 45 minutes. After this we will await notification from the attorney's office that the deed has been recorded in your name. Once we receive the good news you will be given the keys to your new home!

Between the time that our offer is accepted and the Closing date, our team will be there to guide you through the process. We have an extensive network of providers that we can recommend to assist you with quotes for homeowner's insurance, painting, moving, and more. We represent you and are here to help, but the choices will always be up to you. You are free to use whomever you wish.

Buying a home can seem like a daunting process, but with our team on your side it will seem easy. Our agents pride themselves on their responsiveness and attention to detail. We will educate you along the way and make sure that all of your questions are answered. Our team's motto is "Clients First!"